I really love beautiful UI design and animation. That in fact was one of the motivations to learn app development. I wanted to build an app with a jaw-dropping UI. I tried to learn design and spent a lot of time just designing (UI, logo) but never become good at designing.

Flutter: Oct 2018

I started to learn mobile app development when flutter was beta. I am an excellent Flutter developer.

SwiftUI: 21 Nov 2021

I learned Swift and SwiftUI just within a month. And I built my first SwiftUI app at the end of December 21. SwiftUI is way better than Flutter. And I love it so much.

Node-js: July 2021

I used to use Firebase for everything. But I always wanted to learn how the backend works, So I learned Node.js out of curiosity. It took a year to finish. I wasn't learning Node.js seriously, I stopped once in a while or took a break. But anyway, now I use Go for backend.

Front-end: 22 Aug 2022

I already knew JS, which I learned while writing firebase cloud functions. Learning HTML and CSS wasn't that hard for me. Then I decided to build my own website. So I learned Svelte. My goal was to build this website only, so it didn't take me much time, like less than a month. Front-end is not my thing. I want to stick to mobile.

Go: 6 Sep 2022

Took me 14 days to learn the basic and get started. I can build some basic REST app.